Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pudding, Socks, Jacob and Amanda's Wedding

We just found out that you can buy pudding at the farmers' market! Jacob's Creamery sells containers of homemade vanilla and chocolate pudding, alongside a nice assortment of cheeses. Totally awesome! They don't come to our regular market (People's Coop), but they were at the Eastbank Farmers' Market, which we biked to tonight. Unfortunately, this was the last Eastbank market of the season (except for a special Thanksgiving market, which we will certainly try to attend), but I'm guessing they may also sell at the PSU Saturday market, which runs through December.

In addition to buying pudding and lots of vegetables for an impromptu curry, we had dinner at the market--a huge chicken quesadilla and a bowl of red lentil dal with mango chutney. We plopped down on the cement and ate our dinner while listening to a trio playing gypsy music and watching little kids dance around. Farmer's markets are the best.

We rode our bikes to the farmers' market, and I got to wear my striped knee-high socks with my jeans rolled up, pretending to be a cool Portland cyclist. I think people smile at me more when I'm wearing my stripey socks. Or at least I smile more. I bought these socks a couple years ago from Sock Dreams, and I love them. They hug my legs snugly all day long (maybe a little too snugly--I think they cut off my circulation a little bit, but that just makes them extra cozy). Just this week I found out that both Sock Dreams and the woman who makes these particular socks are based in Portland. Sock Dreams is totally bike-able, so I think I'm going to go visit and stock up on more Sock It To Me socks in preparation for the impending chilliness. Man, I love that Portland cares so much about socks and soup. It's one of our many reasons for moving here. (I hope my enthusiasm lasts through the winter!)

The reason we're making an impromptu curry is that the couple who lives kitty-corner to us stopped by to introduce themselves, and they gave us a bag full of tomatoes and peppers from their garden! They seemed nice, and they're our age (maybe even younger), which is good, since most everybody else we've met so far has been older than us. They like camping, and they have a nice dog named Buddy. Maybe we can make friends with them.

It definitely seems like the more time we spend outside in our garden, the more people we meet (and the more cats we get to pet). I suppose that makes sense; nobody's going to come up and knock on our door, but they'll say hi if they walk by us when we're weeding (and yes, we're still weeding--the sheet mulch didn't completely hold back the weeds, but at least they're manageable now). There is a black kitty with a bell around her neck who stops by our yard sometimes in the evening. She's a very dense cat (we can't tell if it's muscle or fat), and it's a joy petting her. I don't know--some kitties are too waifish, but this kitty (we call her Gordita) is totally solid, and her fur is so soft. Patches saw us petting her a few nights before we left for California, and I think it might have hurt her feelings, because she yowled and then threw up a hairball in our backyard after we went inside for the night. Or maybe it was just a coincidence.

Speaking of Patches, we haven't seen her since we got back from California. I miss her! I'm guessing that since we disappeared for a week, she gave up on having us be her new family and went back to live with her real owner and her mean kitten. We tried casually walking by her house to see if she was there, but we didn't see her. Come back, Patches! We still love you! We still haven't heard from her owner about whether he wants us to adopt her, but he has our contact info, so I assume he'll be in touch when he's ready. I just wish Patches would stop by and hang out on our porch again. It's so quiet without her.

Even though we seem to have lost Patches' allegiance by leaving for a week, we had a great time in California. In addition to getting to see our coworkers and friends, we got to see a lot of our college friends at Jacob and Amanda's wedding. It was lots of fun, and it was a beautiful wedding. Patrick posted a couple pictures on Flickr (click the picture of me and Tree to see more). Be sure to check out Morley's outfit in the first picture in the photoset--he's so stylish! Everybody commented on his outfit, and it was a total chick magnet. He told us that since he was invited to six weddings this summer, he made a point of picking out a special outfit (with the help of his fashion-forward friend) and wearing it to all of them. The sweater vest was a special addition for this wedding. I think it makes the outfit.

Me and Tree talking excitedly at the wedding

This one from Charlie's girlfriend Melody is my favorite. This is Jacob's dad, Chrissy, Jacob, and Morley dancing (to What Is Love?, I believe).

Jacobs dad, Chrissy, Morley, Jacob, by Melody

In addition to spending time with lots of our favorite people, we got to play Rock Band 2 at Tree and Andrew's place. It has some excellent new songs (like Carry On, My Wayward Son--how have I not heard this song before?), and we had a great time playing it, as usual. It has inspired me to go to the weekly Rock Band night here in Portland so I can sing more! We're going to check it out next Tuesday. Maybe I should go shopping for a jean skirt this weekend so I can dress appropriately.

It has been chilly here this week. I actually turned our heater on (the furnace is only a couple years old, luckily), and it worked just like it was supposed to. Yay! The only problem is that there's only one heating register upstairs, so we have to go stand in the hallway if we want to warm up. We need to insulate our windows better before winter. I'm planning on making some draft stoppers for our doors and windows using the pretty fabric that I've been hoarding for the past few years. We'll see if I ever get around to hauling out my sewing machine from the basement (have I told you that half of our possessions are still packed in boxes in the basement? I'm sure everything is infested with spiders by now).